Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cover Story
Des Moines’ Most Dangerous Places
You might be surprised what you learn

    One man was doused in lighter fluid, set on fire and burned to death. Another man, at a different location, was a victim of a shooting and passed away on a central city neighborhood lawn. Des Moines isn’t generally considered dangerous, but the metro has seen 62 criminal homicides — killings in which […]

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Film Review
Lost and found

    “Finding Dory” Rated PG 97 minutes Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill “Finding Dory” is the sequel that nobody needed but everybody thought they wanted. A whopping 13 years after “Finding Nemo” hit theaters, Pixar returns to familiar waters, giving us a follow-up film that shifts the focus to Nemo’s forgetful Blue […]

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Food Dude
Wasabi moves west

  Twenty-some years ago, American sushi joints began opening outside Japanese neighborhoods in California and Hawaii. Soon after that, a sociologist published an infamous study determining that, at age 41, Americans crossed the “adventure line” — the point in life when one stops being interested in trying new things. The willingness to eat raw fish […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
Under the umbrella

  Do you have a moment today? I know you’re awfully busy. But why don’t you walk under the Crusoe Umbrella. That’s right, it’s downtown in Cowles Commons. No, it won’t be weird. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised. Trust me. Cologne. Up from the river we stroll in Cologne. Away from the renovated […]

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Political Mercury
Western Iowa town to dog: Git, git outta town
City holds first-ever ‘vicious dog’ appeal hearing

    Like a marshal in a dusty Old West village, city officials  from the western Iowa town of Carroll issued a lawbreaker an ultimatum. Leave town in three days. Or else. The bad guy in this story: an 18-month-old Chesapeake Bay retriever named Lambeau (after the iconic Green Bay, Wisconsin, football stadium beloved by […]

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Civic Skinny
Architect Kirk Blunck had assets of about $6.4 million. Death: ‘Blunt force trauma, manner undetermined.’

    Architect Kirk Blunck had assets valued at about $6.4 million when he died Jan. 24 under mysterious circumstances in a stairwell of the Teachout Building that he owned in the East Village. And the cause of death now has been determined, sort of. It was “multiple blunt force trauma, manner undetermined,” according to […]

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The Sound
Grand Funk comes to your town

  Grand Funk (Grand Funk Railroad, if you’re nasty) became mega-stars in the 1970s with hits like “We’re an American Band” and “Some Kind of Wonderful,” but infighting, personal conflicts and frontman Mark Farner’s desire to pursue a solo career led to the band’s breakup in late 1975, soon after putting the finishing touches on […]

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Online Exclusives
Q&A with Ty Dillon

  By Jeff Pitts Meet Ty Dillon. He’s the grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Childress, the man who famously owned the No. 3 car while Dale Earnhardt was making racing history. Ty grew up in Winston-Salem North Carolina and says southerners know how to grow corn down south, too, just not quite like they do […]

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Nightlife Photos
New Photos Every Week!

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Cityview’s question of the week

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