Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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2016 Summer Arts and Entertainment

Art By Jeff Pitts and Julie Paulson School’s out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take in some culture and “high society.” Throughout the summer season, high quality art is available for your enjoyment and to expand your mind. From music, to visual arts, to film or even dance, it’s easy to find something that […]

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Art Pimp
Glenn Brown — past is prologue

    “The past is never dead. It isn’t even past.”  — William Faulkner   “Glenn Brown” opened at the Des Moines Art Center last week and plays through August 28. Four years in preparation, this is the first USA exhibition by the English artist who was part of the Damien Hurst-led generation of British artists […]

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Food Dude
Business is bustling at Safari

  At 5 p.m. on a recent Sunday, three hours before closing time, I tried to order a few things from Des Moines’ newest African café — Safari. Fish? Sorry, sold out. Goat, then, with plantain fufu? All gone. Which is gone, the goat or the fufu? Both gone today. Anjera, then? Sorry sold out. […]

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Joe's Neighborhood
A Sarajevo bullet

    “Honestly, officers, I just forgot it was there.” Words I have heard many a guilty criminal utter as they are hauled away to jail. The 5-inch, copper-cased bullet was wrapped in soft tissue paper and buried among the copper coffee grinders, the copper pan, the copper plate and miscellaneous other souvenirs of our […]

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Sound Circuit
Building confidence

    Newton native Jacey Gutknecht has been interested in music virtually her entire life. By the time she was a freshman in high school, she was playing guitar and writing original songs. But for the 21-year-old, who now goes by just her first name, the road to the stage had some unusual turns. “I […]

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Political Mercury
Patty Judge: ‘Old Iowa women are tough’

Patty Judge wouldn’t reveal the internal poll numbers inspiring that twinkle in her eye. But the veteran Iowa politician, the former lieutenant governor and state secretary of agriculture, says she’s a highly secure presumptive nominee in a four-person Democratic primary June 7. What’s more, Judge says she’ll be a competitive force in a general election with U.S. […]

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Civic Skinny
President Ruud leaves UNI after faculty carping. But the system is rigged against the university.

    Bill Ruud is not leaving the University of Northern Iowa for some idyllic small college in some idyllic small town. Marietta College, now with about 1,200 students, is an ordinary small college in an ordinary small town. The college fights for money and students, has laid off nearly 40 people in the past […]

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On The Tube
Fall fails

  What to “look forward to” this fall from the broadcast networks. It’s been a rough couple of seasons for broadcast network television. Programming competition from cable and streaming services is at an all-time high, resulting in the era of too many shows. You’d think the answer would be to up the quality and imagination […]

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Nightlife Photos
New Photos Every Week!

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